Magic KidFoam


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The Magic KidFoam is specially designed for our Magic KidBrush. It is suitable for children and makes brushing easier, with natural ingredients, useful for teeth bacteriostatic and moth Glister and the strawberry flavour and a little mint will keep the children fresh breath. Our foam does not contain any fluoride, so even if swallowed, it will not be fluoride toxicity. It is recommended to use it together with our Magic KidBrush to achieve the highest cleaning effect.

Product Name
  • Magic KidFoam
  • Can be swallowed without fluoride
  • Clean teeth and freshen breath
  • Protect the health of teeth and gums
  • Teeth Whitening
  • 87g
  • Strawberry
Suitable age
  • 2-15 yeas old
  • 60ml


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