Warranty Registration


All the information filled in must be matched to the information found on the issued invoice in order for the registration to be valid.

Please register your Dr. WhitePro product 14 days from the date of purchase using this online warranty registration form. This allows you to receive full warranty coverage.

It is necessary to read and understand the service policy before registering your product as following:

  • This form is only supported registration for a limited selection of products sold on our website (drwhitepro.com). Products purchased from third-party sellers are not eligible for registration.
  • Registering your product is not the same as making a warranty claim. If you wish to make a warranty claim, please visit https://www.drwhitepro.com/warranty/.
  • The following are not eligible for warranty extension: pre-owned, free, returned, out of warranty products, or products purchased on other third-party sellers (Amazon, eBay).
  • For additional warranty information, please visit https://www.drwhitepro.com/warranty/.

For offline store purchases, the Order Number and Invoice Number are the same.

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Thank you for registering your product!

We are now reviewing your submission, you will get a confirmation email for your registration status. 

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